Embracing the raw beauty of sincere progress...

The Strength That Stays

The Strength That Stays poetry and prose collection delves into the profound link between pain and purpose, revealing how focusing on faith and inner work in the midst of struggles shapes strengths. 

Amid uncertainty and upheaval, when expectations crumble, Olivier illuminates the fertile ground where passions flourish, perspectives evolve, and self-love blossoms. Her insights navigate the complexities of emotions, emphasizing emotional intelligence, maturity, and wise counsel as guides through life's storms. 



Loved this! So spot on, it’s like you are in my head!!

Kelly K
Blooming Bare

Sentiment hits home so hard and I
needed it at this time! I do appreciate you "getting in my head" as well as your own and others to share this incredible piece of work!

Lorri H
the tears that taught me

So perfectly insightful and relatable at the same time. I felt myself throughout the entire book.

Stephanie W
the tears that taught me

From beginning to end this book is a journey. This book was so
relatable, and was a cathartic release of the last 30 years of my life.
Real, honest and enjoyable.

Anthony K.
Questions, Christ and the Quarter-Life Crisis


Morgan Richard Olivier

Through words of wisdom and empathy, Morgan's goal is to crush the image and pursuit of perfection by captivating the raw beauty of sincere progress.

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THE Complete Book Collection
THE Complete Book Collection

THE Complete Book Collection

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