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If You're Looking for a Sign, This Is It

For many of us the worst response we can receive in the midst of our pain is being ignored. For a multitude of reasons, the idea of being rejected or having our deepest feelings disregarded only adds to the weight of the burdens we are carrying.For many Christians, we will find ourselves in seasons where we desire nothing more than a response from God. We pray for a sign, meditate, and seek meaning in the most miniscule things in hopes that God can convey His message to us.However, the problem comes whenever we don’t see or hear anything. We sometimes lose our patience, get angry, and question His motives and plan whenever our storms are raging but we believe we...

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2020 Vision: What Do You See?

As the days of December dwindle down, it’s natural to look forward to the year to come while reminiscing on all that happened the last 365 days.The planning and preparing that goes on at the end of any year, season, or stage of life is expected and oftentimes expressed because there is a sense of opportunity and optimism in the air. To many of us, this NYE has a more profound meaning. It is closing the chapter of an unpredictable year and signifying a fresh start. But tell me, when the date changes, will you walk into the new year identifying and appreciating any of the lessons this year has given you or only focus on the losses?5...4...3...2...1! When the...

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Season's Grieving: Finding Hope and Healing During the Holidays

by Morgan Richard OlivierIt’s the holiday season—the time of year where many of us find ourselves excited to decorate and listen to Christmas music. Our mouths water at the thought of eating that stuffed turkey, and we purposely make extra trips down Main Street just to bask in the beauty of our hometown lights and decorations. Gatherings are scheduled, and we anticipate the opportunity to connect with family and friends that we may not get to see often. It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year for some, but for those that are grieving, the holiday season is one of the toughest hurdles in the healing process. Lost in the LossWhether we've lost a loved one recently or long...

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