All Things Work Together

I recently shared a quote on my social media, from my book Questions Christ in the Quarter-Life Crisis, that yielded a multitude of responses that shared a common interpretation: There was a greater purpose.

The quote read “Everything I thought was an unanswered prayer, closed door, missed opportunity, failed friendship, or setback was God sparing me from more suffering and further problems.His time may not have been what I wanted or understood, but it was definitely what I needed. It took my most uncomfortable seasons of growth to make me realize how important experience was. Even if those experiences were not favorable, they were needed.”

My written truth not only serves as confirmation but also presents this article’s point. Nothing in life is wasted.

Hold on Tight

Life as we know it can be a roller coaster in itself. Comprised of highs and lows, joys and pains, and the pursuit of happiness and wholeness—we all at some point find ourselves enduring struggles, suffering, and situations that not only lead us to question the world but also question who we are at our core.

For me, this season in life seemed never ending when it was experienced. I was a mess, miserable, and made life that much more difficult for those around me. It seemed like every time I turned around there was pain, problems, and pressures that were not only difficult to navigate but seemingly impossible to overcome. 

But looking back, that was the most instrumental season of my life because it opened my eyes and broke my heart in ways that I knew only God and true self assessment could repair it. 

It made me ask the life changing question why  and work wholeheartedly to discover answers and solutions. My experiences and emotions brought light to my reality and sparked a light within myself.

But isn’t that the beauty of it all? That nothing is wasted if we learn and apply our lessons. 

Purpose at Play

We will all fall short, fail, and be foolish in some capacity. We will endure and inflict pain. We will all experience unfathomable loss and find ourselves lost along the way. 

It’s not because God is trying to hurt us. It’s honestly because He’s trying to heal us. He’s trying to get our attention and show us that any path we take without Him is sure to be in the wrong direction—and if we want balance and breakthroughs, we must seek order and obedience. 

The intent is not to condemn but to convict. 

So, no matter what you’ve experienced, what people think, or what is said—know with certainty and confidence that if you seek, learn, and grow—God will work it all together for your good. 

Don’t let your past or even present experiences destroy your hope, goals, or self esteem. Allow them to build your faith, character, and inner strength. Don’t waste your wisdom.

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