Check Yourself and Start Fresh: The Truth About Self Assessment

The most uncomfortable and life changing roads we will encompass are those concerned with the journey inward; the true assessment of self. Whether we embark on the mission after a crisis, experimental phase, or on the cusp of elevation, one truth can’t be denied. Once we dig deep, it’s difficult to understand how we were blindly shallow before. It's validation and a clear wake-up call that there is so much more to us than meets the eye and so much to detox, discover, and develop.

Think of our mindsets, influences, and beliefs as a compass. Whether we realize it or not, we tend to go in the direction they take us. However, out of routine and comfort zones, we also tend for fail to check and make sure that everything is in proper alignment with where we actually want to end up. What if the routes we know and love leave us with no opportunity to elevate? What if the direction we are going will lead to nothing but detours, dead ends, and destruction? What if all the energy, sweat, and tears we are putting into our current life journey are essentially getting us to walk in circles and lead us to nowhere? That is where self-assessment is used to set our lives and minds straight.

In a paradox, we discover that taking steps back from being the people we’re accustomed or expected to be actually increases our levels of self-actualization. To analyze, understand, and align ourselves, we have to isolate, investigate, and accept all that we truly are. That's where the road gets bumpy. Whether we take a psychological, spiritual, or combination of both approaches to self-assessing; the level of discomfort, humility, and even sensitivity will inevitably increase. The reason being is whenever we strip away our ego, biggest fans, the peanut gallery, and mask we show the world, we see ourselves for the vulnerable, voided, and flawed beings that we really are.

As prim, proper, and consistently happy as we may appear, let's be honest with ourselves. Not all that glitters is gold. We all have fallen short, silently struggled, let ourselves down, experienced trauma, compartmentalized, have been a hot mess in some capacity, and have issues. As shocking and even disheartening as that may be for most people to accept, it's the catalyst that leads to overall improvement. We see just how imperfect we are and the things we need to work on. Moreover, we begin to learn and unlearn things about ourselves, the world around us, and the functionality of our mindset and motivation.

We not only question everything and look beyond just finding our present place in the world, but also seek the purpose of why we are on it. Where are we going and what are we doing with our lives? Look how much time we've wasted! Are these friendships the result of attachments or connections? Do we actually have hobbies are do we do these things because are accustomed to them. Have external pressures made us comfortable with conforming? Someone guide us because we can't handle this adulting thing like we envisioned. Can someone just give us a map, show us a tutorial, or simply point us in the direction that is best for us? What the heck is going on?

It feels like complete and utter chaos whenever we are transitioning from a point of complacency to a season of assessment, acceptance, and growth. We realize that all things are connected and that until we understand, express, feel, and close the doors of the past, we will never be fully living in the present or prepare ourselves for the future. So we face the facts of our lives. Hindsight haunts us, reopening and repenting from wounds and strongholds heals us, and the idea of new adventures excites us. But most of all, it alters our mindsets. Once we change our mindset, we change our life, heart, and direction.

Life finds new meaning, visions becomes clear, and fresh outlooks and inspirations spring to life. Instead of running from our emotions, fears, and insecurities, we aim to find understanding and wisdom from them. Our focus becomes the person underneath it all and potential and purpose that must be realized. We discover that all that time we felt lost and ill equipped, everything we needed was already within us. Behind all our pain lied power, under our flaws stood our talents and passions without blemish, and even at our most vulnerable we embodied strength.

As we evolve to know who we are and make peace with our authenticity, we stop trying to convince others of who we are not and put people pleasing to rest. We see ourselves as a work in progress that must cut dead weight to reach higher heights. Though we may not be exactly where we want to be, we are grateful to know we aren't where we once were. We are humbled, empowered, refined, and ready for what lies ahead.

Self assessment is not a one-time setup fee. It's a continual process and practice we must undertake. Is it comfortable? No. Is it worth it? Without a doubt. If we continue to sit there and think that our lives will be at peace after we fix everything and everyone else around or address a few issues in a ourselves, we will continue to miss the whole message. We have tend to our actual selves before a strong foundation can be laid, true direction can present itself, and any external change can take place.

Self assessments, self reflection, self love, and self preservation are not selfish. They lead us to salvation. As long as we are open and ready to learn; we are growing and moving forward. Life and self assessments are less about the destination. The beauty, value, and power is in the journey.

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