Detach for Destiny

I know at times it was overwhelming and caused you many tears. I understand it was uncomfortable and made you wonder if it was best to stay as you were.

But as each step begins to get a little easier, and those fingers slowly release the grip of the weights you’ve been carrying, you should know and always remember this profound truth. You did the right thing.

Detachment from a mindset, person, trauma, pain, or lifestyle is far more than giving up on someone or something. It’s picking yourself up and finally realizing the importance of aligning yourself with better.

Give yourself time to adjust to your journey. Be patient as your emotions and environments evolve. Be proud of the strides you made and the joys that are to come.

There is peace in knowing that God has a plan and knows exactly where you are in this season. You’ve made room for greater and in due time you will get there.

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