Do You Have Haters Or Do People Just Hate You?

Oh, haters. You can't live them and you can't build strength, tougher skin, or endurance without them.

Although the utopic social media platforms suggest that everyone that follows us is our friend, in the real world we know that everyone has people that don't necessarily like them. The reasons that we aren't the crowd favorite will vary but we can all agree that not everyone will like us and not everyone should. Aside from the fact that some people are like oil and water and simply do not mix, we have to humble ourselves and realize that no one is a perfect people pleaser, we can negatively affect people, and sometimes we just can't win them all.

Throughout our lives we will do, say, and experience some things, knowingly and unknowingly, that will cause us to offend, judge, or leave a bad impression with other people. We can't blame people for not liking us, if that's the case. That's life. What really throws us and gets under our skin are those special cases. The cases that make us question why people that don't really know us hate us and why some people think everyone is hating on them. Are we just being dramatic, and are we witnessing jealously unfold before us? Do haters really hate us?

One Member Fan Clubs It seems like every time we turn around, someone is going on an ego trip whenever they should be self accessing and taking a nice slice of humble pie. Some people let their pride, ignorance, and inflated ego fool them into thinking they're something people aspire to be like or honestly lose sleep over, yet we know that that rationalization is skewed beyond measure. Maybe their eyes will open if they ask themselves one simple question. What unique, concrete, and admirable thing do I bring to the table that people want?

People Don't Hate On What They Don't Want If you have the same level of maturity, influence, and perception that you had ten years ago, no one is hating you. If people can feel your selfishness, toxicity, and bigotry from a mile away, no one is hating on you. If you treat people like crap, walk through life with a complete disregard for everything around you, or have a not so subtle way of offending and disrespecting others then I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you can't constitute peoples' disdain for you as a hater move. People aren’t hating on you. They hate the effect you have on them, the energy you give off, and the fact that you fail to realize that very notion. No one wants to waste their energy running after or talking about things that they don't want. Only a bandwagon hater will hate on someone they don't know or someone doing worse than them. Which is pretty pathetic, if you ask me. People that are full of strength, love and wisdom don't have the desire to hate or entertain it. No one in their right mind envies those that lose their soul to gain the world, go broke trying to look rich, or do everything for the image but nothing for their overall well-being. No wants to be like that or wants anyone around them to be like that. If you find yourself falling into any of these categories it’s probably best for you to stop trying to look for haters and start looking for ways to love yourself. 

Envious of Elevation On the other end of the spectrum are the people that, as crazy as it seems, hate you due to a variation of love. These people are quick to attack, judge, and condemn people who are growing, thriving, and living in a way that is so positive and progressive that it can’t be ignored. They crave the love, respect, power, and ability to overcome that others have and it drives them absolutely crazy because they lack that. As silly as that may sound, that is the hate that stems from within because it shows what started as an issue of the mind went so deep that it became an issue of the heart. They have passion in that personal problem. 

Weak People Do Weak Things There are so many people stunting their own growth and blocking their own blessings because they allow that jealousy to overpower them. These people hate or shall I say hate on others because the person they seemingly can't stand possesses something they don’t have. Whether it’s self love, a likable personality, or unique trait, these people become infuriated at the mere idea of someone being elevated in any way. Their behaviors mirror that of a fan. They always somehow know what that person is doing, consider them a conversation piece, and try their hardest to be noticed. They try to distract the people they hate on with their behavior, water down their successes, or even pray and promote their downfall. They sit there and wait for them to slip just so they can have a taste of what they think is superiority, which only validates that these people are not only stuck but also weak. 

The sad part is they are wasting their valuable time trying to bring others down that can be used to build themselves up. Everyone is born with a unique set of gifts and talents to offer, but if they stay stuck harping and competing with others, they will never have the energy and ability to find and cultivate our own. Therefore, the best way to deal with these people is to not deal with them at all. There’s nothing we can do, say, or give that can cure someone else’s obvious void. We just have to stay focused, humble, and real with ourselves. Allow it all to motivate us and remind us that we can't win a race if we are distracted by every voice or movement on the track. We just have to push forward.

Raise One Hand Up

The only people that will hate on you or aim to drag you down are already behind you, and they are behind you for a reason. Some people will hate on the talents you have, the opportunities you’re been presented with, and the goals you’ve accomplished. Stay humble and keep pushing forward anyway. Others will hate themselves and project all of those negative emotions upon you. Keep loving yourself and love and pray for them anyway. Hate for hate never solves anything but if we learn to accept even the most petty things as a compliment to our power and presence, then the momentum changes.

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