Forget Glass Slippers, Shatter Glass Ceilings

Welcome to the 21st century where women are expected to be mothers, work 9-5, and maintain a perfect physique all while consisting of sugar, spice, and everything nice. To say that we are under an immense amount of professional, social, and personal pressure would be an understatement. Because of that, we have two sets of women: those who want to push forward and thrive outside of the cage they've been figuratively placed in and those who want to be defined by it.

Whether we aim to be Cinderella or a CEO, one observation can't be ignored. These days women are dismissing the very foundations the previous generations worked so hard for. From not applying themselves and settling for less than their worth to skipping voting booths and remaining quiet on injustices and influential topics, it seems that some of us can't seem to light the fire inside of us. The walls women are encountering are not issues of capability or quality, but of mindset and media.

Who Runs the World It's said that this is a man's world, but it wouldn't be nothing, without a woman or a girl. For some reason, in terms of the workplace and social hierarchy, men always appear to have lead roles and women are left to follow close behind as supporting characters. The men are the bosses and strength of every office, home, and activity while we are simply there to cheer on, maintain, and observe their every move. Don't get us wrong, men are great and strong creatures, but lest we forget that they don't beat us is all categories. It's time we open our eyes and acknowledge that, at its very core, the world is run and stabilized by women. We are the intellectuals, counselors, backbones, creators, and a glue of our families, communities, and workplaces. Without us, the world would have a stagnant environment deprived of its main ingredient for growth. Women do not only cultivate innovative ideas and act as the movers and shakers, but also bring forth new life. Quite frankly, without women, there would be no men or new generation for that matter. So let this sink in, ladies: no man has more power than us unless we hand them some of ours. We have to stop letting last season suits, big egos, and deep voices make us forget how beautiful, capable, and talented we truly are. The world is ours, we simply have to build the confidence, determination, and skills to obtain it.

Be Bold AND Beautiful

Our outer beauty is always the least captivating thing about us. Any woman can contour her face, straighten her hair, and wear a fitted dress, but how many women can confidently say that they are pursuing their passions, breaking social barriers, or being the change they want to see in the world? One day our physical beauty will fade and all that is perky will go south, but our legacy will last much after we pass on. That's what people will remember. In a world that objectifies us to a pulp, be the fierce face in the crowd that says enough. We have a voice, strengths, and gifts for a reason so why are we hiding them? Within each and every one of us lies the tools to not only thrive at our life's purpose, but also change the world. It sounds cheesy but it's true. It's time we stop stressing about our social media followers and body measurements and start stressing the importance of education, acceptance, tolerance, and independence. What good is waiting on and wishing to marry rich when we are fully capable of working hard, seeking wise counsel and positioning ourselves to be rich, powerful, and happy on our own? We have more than pretty faces. We have brilliant minds and bright futures.

Be the Game Changer

The day women realize the power that comes from empowering one another versus competing will be a day the world sees just how much of a force we are to be reckoned with. Even if we didn't in the past or struggle to find ways to do it today; strive to support, encourage, and promote women, their dreams, and women-owned businesses. Be an example to and motivate the generation of little girls that look to us for guidance, and remind them that they don't have to be perfect, wealthy, popular, or America's Next Top Model to encourage and uplift anyone. We just have to have empathy, unity, and a strong will, to reach the next level and implement necessary change.

No matter our age, race, status, or size we are all beautiful and talented with have so much to offer this life and each other. We never know the impact we can have or the goals we can accomplish until we put ourselves out there. Don't have a perfect life story? Great, help other women learn from your mistakes and stay on the right track. Made it to the top of your professional, spiritual, or personal pyramid? Kudos to you, now mentor a young woman so she too can reach higher heights. Female empowerment is less of a sprint and more a marathon. It will take time, hard work, sweat, and tears, but the end goal is worth every ounce of energy. We owe it to our grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and selves to foster a world conducive to our growth. It's time to stop saying one day and make today day one.

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