Grow and Outgrow

Isn’t it ironic how as we grow, we simultaneously outgrow.

The things that once enraged us suddenly don’t warrant our slightest reaction.

The things, people, music, mindsets, outfits, and influences we once believed we couldn’t live without brought the most peace to our lives after we removed them.

The way we viewed rejection, happiness, worth, and success shifted after we realized the complexity of protection, joy, and alignment.

You see, our journey is less about finding out who we are. It’s about losing the idea and pressure of who we and the world think we ought to be.

It’s about tackling our toxic traits, uncovering our inner strength, discerning actualization from conditioning, and aligning ourselves with purpose, passion, and spiritual power.

It was never intended for others to understand, because the true beauty always lied in understanding, loving, and accepting ourselves.

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