If You're Looking for a Sign, This Is It

For many of us the worst response we can receive in the midst of our pain is being ignored. For a multitude of reasons, the idea of being rejected or having our deepest feelings disregarded only adds to the weight of the burdens we are carrying.

For many Christians, we will find ourselves in seasons where we desire nothing more than a response from God. We pray for a sign, meditate, and seek meaning in the most miniscule things in hopes that God can convey His message to us.

However, the problem comes whenever we don’t see or hear anything. We sometimes lose our patience, get angry, and question His motives and plan whenever our storms are raging but we believe we see no refuge.

If you are experiencing this, I want you to know that you are not alone. We all experience the silence but unfortunately don’t always take the time and trust needed to interpret it.

Let Me Be Clear
I thought God didn’t hear me. In the depths my depression at the core of my confusion, I wanted nothing more than a clear answer. “Tell what to do and how to handle my life. Heal me and make this pain go away. Reveal to me what I don’t understand and I will do whatever you want. Close peoples’ mouths and open their eyes so they can see the truth of my reality. Show me what I need to fix and I’ll do it. Do something! Say something! Change something!”

After repeated cycles, chastisement, and inner work- it became clear that God was moving but in a way that was different than I understood or wanted. His “lack of action” was causing me to take more action. I prayed more, I learned more, and I trusted Him more. I began understanding the importance of embracing my truths and detaching from toxic mindsets, environments, and influences. By “not answering” my requests He revealed so much more.

God didn’t instantly change my situations because what He really wanted to change was me. He needed me to grow up, own up, and step up to become the woman that I am now. He allowed me to fall in various areas of my life so could see and assess myself and also realize that, with His help, I could get up and face anything.

He needed me to learn through seasons of consecutive disappointments, delays and denials so that I could have the maturity, capacity, and wisdom to discern when and how to carry out my purpose today. And He’s doing the same for you.

If you are in a season of your life where nothing seems to be going right, you find yourself struggling to put one foot in front of the other, and honestly don’t know what to do with yourself or your situation anymore—trust and believe that you are reading this for a reason.

God isn’t ignoring you, He hasn’t forgotten about you, and He doesn’t deem you unworthy. He is there always and never leaves you.

But just much as you think you’re waiting on Him, He’s actually waiting on you. He’s waiting on you to seek Him. He’s waiting on you to act. He’s waiting on you to initiate change and effort. And trust me, He is wasting none of your tears, pains, or prayers along the way.

Silence your negative self-talk, fears, and anxiety and remember that He hears and sees everything. Everything is sent and allowed for a greater reason: both joys and pains. You will overcome whatever you are facing.

This season is not here to simply destroy you or crush your spirit. It is here to develop your character, your faith, and you. This IS your sign.

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