Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Have you ever noticed that almost every time there is a major shift or critical decision set to occur, in the realm of health or government relations, something crazy happens? A disease breaks out, a tragedy occurs, or some popular challenge sweeps the nation that makes us forget the pivotal moments that are about to take place and forces us to direct all of our energy and attention to something unrelated. We become fixated on the temporary instead of aligning with and securing the things that will greatly and permanently affect the future.

Let's shift our attention to any time we ever experienced disappointments, depression, rejection or were blindsided from some type of failure. Furthermore, focus on the realizations and emotions experienced afterward. It is after the pain, misfortune, and confusion has settled that we begin to see all the blessings, opportunities, and happiness we missed out on because we were too busy trying to control the suffering and lack of direction we were dealing with at the time. We missed our marks because we were too distracted. There will always be distractions and curve balls, but if we seek to understand and learn from them, the future outcomes can certainly be different.

Wisdom from Weathering

Sometimes we experience storms that appear to never want to go away and only appear to change form. It never seems to fail that once we've picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and get prepared to move forward that we are hit with something else. We worry, lose hope, and essentially fall apart because it feels like we can't get a break or breath of air. As much as we hate our negative self talk and emotions that pull at our heartstrings and minds in regards to our uphill journey, we only continue to leave the door open for more mental madness if we don't take a step back and discover what's attracting barriers in our lives and diluting our sense of direction.

There are people, experiences, spirits, messages, and losses that come into our lives with the intention to skew our course. It's as if they gain power and esteem from the pursuit of our unhappiness, stagnation, and loss of guidance. However, whenever we realize that the power is not in reacting but in accessing, the very things that once made us immobile, manic, and lose motivation then become our muses. The energies that intend to distract us not only validate that we are powerful and worth the effort, but also remind us to stay the course. There would be no need for distraction or struggle if there was no prize, elevation, or worth up ahead.

Pardon my Presence

There is power in the tongue, power in our environment, and power in perception. The conversations we have, the music we listen to, the people we associate ourselves with, and things we entertain can either help us for hinder us. It's that simple. What serves as a distraction to some can simply be a way of living to others. That is where the friction and awkwardness comes in and where discernment is critical. Once we accept that not everyone and everything is meant to be in our circle and that not every opportunity is a good one, we see that a little solitude and break from the noise is not only reasonable, but required. No attachment, title, or people pleasing tactic is worth our peace or purpose in life. If it doesn't boost our momentum, stimulate our growth, or bring us healing then we can't be a part of it.

It's safe to say that many of us reached this realization and yearning for elevation through trial and error and realizing that our need of authenticity and ascension outweighs the desire to have acceptance and applause from others. It's the setback, suffering, and searching that prepares and equips us for the comeback and our pursuit to the next level. In the breaks and detours, we lose our ego and gain more wisdom and passion in return. It's time we stop falling for the facades of the world, being consumed by our failures of the past, and letting our distractions rob us of our joy and assignments. We can't change the paths and distractions of yesterday but we can use them to better steer us in the future.

Delayed But Not Denied

What did the world think we'd do? Because we made financial or professional mistakes, were we supposed to throw away our degrees, years of experience, and careers? Because we took the wrong path or made mistakes, were we supposed to stop pursuing our purposes and pave the road to Hell? Because a handful of people dislike us or choose to condemn us, are we supposed to begin hating ourselves and let our talents go to waste? Not no, but heck no! If we didn't have a higher calling, we wouldn't have so many obstacles to overcome, in an effort to gain endurance, or so much pressure to feel or do better.

We have to try to not let the opinions, ignorance, and pettiness of others affect our pace and direction. We may have slipped, fell, or been paralyze by distraction before but as Malcolm X once said, "If you have no critics, you'll likely have no success." If we had no value, we wouldn't be worth the conversation and if we weren't set for greatness the enemies would feel no need to target us. No matter what storms have come our way or which depths we sunk to, what's for us will always be for us.

Blinders on

As difficult as it may be at times, I try to act as a horse with blinders with the intent of moving forward and not being distracted by the things that are behind me or around me.

I, like many people, have been side tracked, delayed, and at the bottom because I entertained people, situations, and things that I shouldn't have, and failed to let go of burdens I no longer needed to carry. I got off track listening to my ego and opinions of others that weren't on a track at all. The thing I've learned about distractions is that they only have as much power and influence as I give them. No matter how many eyes are on me to fail or succeed, my eyes will forever be on the prize.

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