Let Them Be Wrong

Isn't it odd how people can connect and communicate via phone, text, email, or social media platform, but seldom contact people if they have a question, comment, or concern? People can identify, create, and expose problems with others, yet can never seem to self assess and get their own lives together. It's astonishing that so many ignorant people can so confidently, loudly, and incorrectly tell a story that is not their own.

Be still and know that there is a reason for even that season. We will all experience the receiving end of this foolishness, but what truly matters is what we walk away with. Can we make right with our lives by letting something or someone be wrong?

Let's be real. Do we honestly think we're going to address issues within ourselves, work to get our lives right, and think God's just going to let whoever and whatever come along for that ride? Sorry, but it's not about to go down that way. If He's going to reveal things in us, trust and believe He's going to reveal some people and things to us and through us.

People are going to talk about, discredit, and judge us until the day we die. We are going to experience hard times that will reveal who we and our true friends are. We will be the villain in someone else's story, and we will also be the topic of someone's tea. We will also learn that we have a fan club and groups of people just itching for the day we fall. Whether it's right, factual, or fair it's something that we cannot control. However, how we react and respond to it will ultimately make or break us over time.

We have to learn to put our emotions aside and analyze what we're actually experiencing and the lesson we need to learn. The betrayal, judgement, ridicule, and disloyalty is not revealed with the purpose to punish, distract, or hurt us further. It is presented as revelation. It’s not what those people are saying or doing thats disturbing us the most. It's who those people are. Discouragement, rumors, and negativity affect us differently whenever they come from people we love, respect, or know. The people that we always supported and encouraged, that purposely did everything in their power to hold us back and keep us down. The people that truly knew our hearts, but believed and spread lies anyway. The people that called on us whenever they needed but were nowhere to be found whenever we were struggling most. Those are the people that shake us. As painful as it is to accept: our love, loyalty, and encouragement will not always be reciprocated.

If someone is going to believe, assume, spread, or say anything that is demeaning, inaccurate, or could potentially hurt us why would we even want that person around us? Why would we want to associate with people that are quick to talk about us but not talk to us. Why would we worry about people who have only taken from us, yet have never replenished us. We need to open our eyes and accept when some people don't deserve a space in our life, their season has expired, or that they never have been and never truly be our people. Sometimes we have to let people be wrong if we see that addressing or entertaining fools will go against everything we’ve done to keep our life right.

I’m not going to retaliate against people and situations I’ve already released. I choose to be unbothered. I choose to not get offended. I choose to level up and leave the pettiness, negativity, and strongholds behind. I’m not going to correct you, expose you, go off on you, or even talk to you or about you. I’ve come too far to block my blessings by entertaining fools. Instead, I will observe, adjust, and receive each revelation as confirmation.

I've learned to forgive those that aren't sorry, honor my truth, and recognize whenever the trash is simply taking itself out. I don't have the time or desire to put out every little fire that irrelevant, unsupportive, or expired people fuel. If you're going to be wrong, petty, or malicious, then you're going to be all of those things by yourself. I know who I am, who I am not, and to whom I belong.

We waste too much time on people and issues that don't deserve it. Why do we need to call and tell people that we know they are talking about us or creating issues? They obviously already know. Why do we need to fight and argue with people that hurt us when we know good and well that aren't good for us anyway? Why do we need to tell people they are wrong about something when it's none of their business in the first place? There's no need to correct words that will be eaten later.

We don't have to address every lie spoken, sit down with every person that hurts our feelings, or release a social media press release to inform our friends and followers of our current state. At the end of the day, God knows all. He knows every word we've ever spoken, mistake we've ever made, and our motives. As long as we know and He knows what is right, we don't need to right everyone who is wrong. What we need to do is pay attention, learn, and grow from them.

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