Mutt Manes and Creole Curls

I, like many women, have always had a love hate relationship with my natural curly/wavy hair. As a child I was teased and called things like poodle, had people tell me they could tell I was a mutt because of my curly fro and an assortment of other ignorant things til this day.

Truth is, this is a common theme and many are left with the idea that their natural self isn’t enough so they must change it. Young girls damaging their hair with heat due to being embarrassed for not having hair that looks like anyone else’s. Kids skipping swimming parties out of fear their frizzy curls will show. Grown women being self conscious, and many of us are conditioned to think that all of that is expected of us because it’s “difficult.”

Not no, but heck no. Whether treated, natural, or of any texture, your hair is a part of you but doesn’t define you. Express yourself with it, alter it any way YOU want, or rock your natural locks, but remember that your beauty isn’t defined by anyone but yourself.

My hair doesn’t have to be straight to be deemed as beautiful. You don’t have to like the length, look, or volume for me to love it. As simple as that may seem, it took a journey of self love to realize that. Much like myself, whenever I stopped trying to change it and make it appear a way that it was never intended, it got healthier and stronger.

So excuse the curly fro. It’s larger than life just like the woman rocking it.

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