No Rain, No Flowers

There were times in my life where I was lost, a loner, and a fool.

Days where I drowned in self loathing and wondered if I’d ever be able to keep my head above water. Nights where I questioned how it was humanly possible to produce so many tears.

As tempting as it once was to look back at those times with bitterness, I can’t help but see all the blessings and beauty that came from brokenness. It’s in those times that I learned the most and gained the empathy and endurance that I have today.

It’s those times that taught me to let go of my ego and focus on my emotional health and eternity.

Trust me whenever I tell you that all things are working together for your good. That includes the bad times, the hard times, and even the times that make you question if you’re going to make it through.

God has a purpose for your pain, your past, and even your imperfections. It’s all part of a greater plan and will be used for His glory whenever you make the choice to learn and grow from it.

So smile, shake off the shame, and embrace all the wisdom that those storms showered you with.

Like all of God’s beautiful creations, you needed that rain to grow.

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