Rise Above

Sometimes we find ourselves bogged down by pressures, problems, and pains of this world and only become more drained whenever we try to carry, explain, or address them. Reason being is some things aren’t worth the fight, energy, and entertainment. We must discern the mindsets, people, situations, and insecurities that are pure distractions sent to lead us off course, traveling in circles, and stuck in a rut.

The only way to overcome some obstacles is to rise above them.

There is always a lesson to be learned but first we have to get up and see the bigger picture. Whenever we take ourselves out of the place of emotion, lift our spirits, and re-examine ourselves and issues from an elevated place of humility and growth, we see that what once seemed too big to overcome was simply a stepping stone to equip us for something greater.

Realize that sometimes God doesn’t allow our reality to change until we learn and grow from it. Our outlook, direction, and life changes whenever we do.

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