Stay Focused on Your Faith and Not Your Feelings

Life: a beautiful compilation of success, suffering, trials, triumphs, joy, and pain. Though each day we open our eyes is a blessing, sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed with the burden of all that we can’t control, understand, or seemingly overcome. Truth is, some seasons and situations require a constant effort to refrain from being held hostage by fear, feelings, and frustration.

In those times whenever we are emotional or in the midst of a storm, our feelings only seem to intensify. It’s imperative that we hold on to our faith and the facts of our lessons. Pause from the pressures and pain, silence the mind, do not rush into reaction, and cling to clarity and wisdom. It‘s our obedience and ability to foster our faith that will get us through the valley. Focus on the promise and not on the people, pressure, or opinions.

The problem we have is not a matter of hearing, confirming, or understanding the promise that God gave us. It’s accepting that we cannot dictate the manner or time in which we see or receive what we’ve been promised. He said He will deliver your loved one from the lifestyle they are in, but you’ve seen no change in their behavior. He said that He will mend all that is broken in your life, but you still feel like you’re hanging on by a thread. He said He will handle all of the people that mishandled you, but somehow they appear to be just as delusional and disrespectful as before.

We must remember that He keeps no good thing from us and if we are waiting then it’s for a reason. If He is allowing the enemy to attack, then there has to be a lesson to learned, assessment to be made, or a cycle we need to break. He has us, but we must remember that if we move out of alignment, react in a time we are supposed to be still, and take the bait of the enemy’s tactics then WE are the ones who are holding ourselves back and keeping us stuck.

It was acting, reacting, and being out of order that taught me to listen to God and follow His direction above all. I had to learn that I didn’t have all the answers and my plans were always weak in comparison to His. I would find myself trying to fix problems and making them exponentially worse even though I had clear instruction to be still. I struggled with comparison and competition even though I knew that everything I needed was already within me and that my purpose was unique. I learned that my disobedience was a problem.

On the other end of the spectrum, I found myself hopeless, depressed, and even infuriated because I felt I was doing everything under the sun to be obedient and plant good seeds, yet I was still dealing with unfair situations, foolishness, and my own negative self talk.

However, as time passed my spiritual vision became clearer and the lessons began to sink in. It was less about my perception in those times, but about perfecting persistence and trust. The trials I encountered along the journey of transition were not meant to break me, but were used to bolster the strength, awareness, and love for my faith.

With all that is going on around us, it seems almost impossible to not let it affect what’s going on within us at times, but hold tight to truth. Feelings are fickle, your heart can steer you in the wrong direction, and emotions are neither right or wrong.

Therefore, do not be moved what you see and hear. Do not be moved by what other people say and think. Do not be moved by your fears, insecurities, and emotions. Be moved by your promise, purpose, and passions. Be moved by the confirmations sent to you. Be moved by what the Word says. Be moved by your faith.

Don’t worry about when or how God will fulfill the promise.

Be still, be ready, and find peace in knowing that He will.

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