The Walk to Wisdom

Wisdom means different things to different people. According to Webster, it means the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships or accumulated philosophical or scientific learning. According to Proverbs, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight. No matter which definition we identify with,  I think we all can agree that wisdom is related to insight and knowledge because it is connected to experience. 

A wise person is not a perfect person. A wise person isn’t a know it all. Wise people are flawed people that learned, apply, and now thrive due to their lessons. Oftentimes the wisest people we know have weathered some storms, experienced a variety of losses, or made a multitude of mistakes throughout their lives. Therefore, to know some things, they had to go through some things.

Traveling in Circles

I'm a firm believer that seasons come and trials appear because there is some lesson to be learned and some quality we need to obtain so it can be readily available in our upcoming chapters. Until we master the skill or learn the lesson, the test will seemingly continue to come around. Wisdom is something we seek and not just something revealed by chance. Only after we accept how long we’ve been blinded by pain, naivety, and confusion can we begin to see the patterns, motives, and significance of every person and situation around us. The more insight, knowledge, acceptance we obtain, the more we see that not everyone and everything was what it seemed, but everything ultimately comes full circle.

The same people that promise us the world are inevitably the ones that make our lives a living Hell. The very opportunities we think will be our tickets to success are the very projects that make us question our entire career path. The friends that were never quite available to cheer us on for our greatest accomplishments are somehow the in crowd whenever we fall on our face. The same trials we think will leave us forever broken become the same testimonies that strengthen and inspire us to help heal other people. It may take some time but what goes around will certainly come around and revelations will come.

Finding Myself at the Finish Line

For me to be the person I am and have the perspective I currently have, I had to run the race, experience the top, take some Ls, and learn some valuable life lessons along the way. I needed to experience the highest of highs and crawl in the lowest of lows to not only learn balance, but also to understand that everything in life is the reflection of a choice and that empathy is a tool that can move mountains and increase insight for all those around me. It's the continuous journey that makes me come to terms with, accept, and unapologetically love the flawed and fabulous person that I am. I hold truth and authenticity in high regards because I know what it feels like to lie, be lied to, and lied on. I trust no one because I’ve trusted the wrong people and also experienced betrayal. I’m protective of my time and energy because I’ve wasted both on people and situations that did nothing but drain me. I speak openly about self preservation and care because I know what it’s like to drown in depression. I am very serious and dedicated to growing my relationship with God because I know just how low I sank whenever I thought I could live without Him. I’m open in telling people about my past shortcomings, insecurities, and ignorance because they are the very things that pushed me to get myself together, show greater appreciation towards the ones I love, and bolster my faith and focus. I acquired wisdom not only because I experienced, but also because I accepted and applied it in an effort of refinement.

Increased by Insight 

Wisdom, discernment, and restraint aren't innate and can't simply be purchased. They are obtained through experience, and if utilized properly, have the capacity to act as our very own superpowers. With increased wisdom and perceptions perfectly pruned by our pasts, we can begin to understand the difference between entertaining and addressing issues, connections and attachments in relationships, and the appropriate times to act for be still.

In an era that places so much emphasis on accessibility, affluence, and popularity, it's even more imperative to seek wise counsel and not get hypnotized by the hype. Attention and validation may get some by for today, but wisdom and clarity will keep us in stride with an increasing momentum for the long run.

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