Time Tells Truth

While some say that time is an illusion, others believe that time heals all wounds. Lately, I’ve been focusing on and also getting confirmation in regards to another aspect/byproduct of time. Three simple words: Time tells truth.

Dependent on what type of season of life you are in, those words can bring joy or fear. For me, these words bring a sense of peace and remind me that time is often our greatest teacher. Time and truth work together to mold us into the people that we are. It what we choose to do with our time and how we apply the truth that impacts our lives the most.


Think Back

 Reminisce on one of the most difficult chapters of your life. Maybe you experienced a loss, found yourself drowning in a personal crisis, or felt unsure of how you’d overcome the suffering you were experiencing. Maybe you were hurt to the core by people you cared for, or you hurt yourself. Maybe you lied, were lied to, or someone lied about you. Maybe you were faced with a season that tested your faith, challenged your character, or pushed you to a point that made you question everything.

Whatever that first memory that came to your mind may be, chances are for a while following that experience, it felt almost like time stopped for you. You felt mentally, spiritually, physically, or emotional stuck in a storm.

And as much as you wished you could have expressed your truth or what was truly going onyou found yourself stuck because you realized that not everyone had the capacity, mindset, or desire to understand or accept your truth or what you were going through. So, instead of lashing out, reaching out, or working things out you simply gave up and give it to God, in hopes that time would reveal all that was revealed to you.

 Truth is, sometimes the truth is not always received by others, masks do not always fall off, and lessons are not necessarily learned by another party. Instead, the truth is revealed to you and through you. Time isn’t opening the eyes of others because it’s solely trying to open the eyes, heart, and mind within you.


Full Circle

If you feel misunderstood, misjudged, or mishandled I want you to understand the importance of not missing the bigger message. See beyond the obstacles and recognize that time is an opportunity that allows us to change our circumstances, concerns, trajectory, and views.

It’s not that time removed all of my life’s pains, problems, or pressures. It’s that, in time, my perspective toward them changed. I began to see purpose in every struggle and stride, and I also began to appreciate the sincere progress I made from each one of them. I realized that time, even if it doesn’t appear to be working in our favor, is a tool used to chastise, prepare, and equip people for something greater.

With every moment that passes, we have the opportunity to learn, grow, and mature. Sometimes we need to worry less about exposing or explaining the truth to others, and take more time to understand the inner truths about ourselves and apply what we know.

There is a time for everything, everyone, and every revelation.
Don’t waste your time. Use it to assess and embrace your truth.

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