To the Loved Ones Gone Too Soon

Sorry for your loss. My condolences. They’re in a better place. No more pain. Time heals all. Those were all the phrases people told me the day I had to let you go forever. The last day I was able to see your face. The day a piece of my heart left with you.

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and it only proved true whenever I realized the picture and the memory attached was all I had left of you.

I’d like to say I went and lived each day in celebration of your life, but we both know that would be a lie. Although I was so happy for you because I knew you were at peace in Heaven, it didn’t stop me from going through Hell and feeling nothing but pain here. I knew you were in a better place, but there was no place I selfishly wished you’d be than next to me.

God knows I never would have been ready to let you go no matter how old you were or how much you’d done. No matter how many great times we shared or how many milestones you made, the pain would have been the same. Because, truth of the matter is, I only knew how to live with you, but never truly imagined or prepared myself for living my life without you.

To say you’re missed is an understatement. I miss your laugh, your smile, your voice, and how you said a mouthful without saying a word. I miss the memories we shared and I cry for the memories we will never get the chance to create. I miss and cherish it all.

You may have left my sight but you will never leave my heart, spirit, and mind. You’re more than someone I lost. You’re someone I’m so blessed that God allowed me to gain, love, and learn from. You’re someone I will always love.

You know I won’t forget about you so please don’t forget about me. Be sure to visit me in my dreams and save me a seat up there. Walk with me whenever my road gets rough and send me messages through sweet or subtle things. I will continue to pray for you, keep your memory close to my heart, and make the conscious effort to live in a manner that makes you proud.

I'm thankful for everything you were and everything you were not. I thank you for being such an integral part of making me who I am. No matter how far you may seem, a part of your light will forever shine through me.

Our story is far from over. Our love was unconditional and eternal to end. Our bond was so strong that death couldn’t even break. So for now this is just our little break. We will embrace, rejoice, and laugh together again, when I see you at the gates.

... Until we meet again.

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