Turn the Page and Change Your Life

Your low point, depression, embarrassment, shortcoming, or failure was not the end of your story. Contrary to what it may feel like or what others think, it’s oftentimes your worst chapters that teach you the best lessons. That test is your testimony.

Some people will always remember you by the chapter of your life they found you on, no matter how great the previous or following chapters are in your book of life. Understand that that’s okay and shouldn’t stop you from overcoming.

Just like any other book, the page can be turned, the characters can change, and the plot twist can be a catalyst for an even better outcome.

God is the author, yet the pen is in your hand. Never underestimate your authority and ability to change the narrative. You can and will win once you discover that the only thing that can possibly stand between you and your happily ever after is your mindset and willingness to grow.

Stop rereading, turn to a fresh page, and create something beautiful. You can’t change the beginning, but you make a better ending.

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