We Rise Because Whose We Are

The person you were, the person you currently are, and the person you were created to be are three D I F F E R E N T people!

Some of us are rising, but are scared to truly shine because we do not have confidence in our authority or we fear that others do not see us for who we’ve become.

However, truth of the matter is that our authenticity and assignment is much more important than outside approval or internal acceptance.

Not everyone will understand or respect the power of repentance, redemption, enlightenment, refinement, or transformation. Ascend, move forward, and prune anyway.

We may experience fear, discomfort, and question the promise and instructions God gave us. Be obedient, endure, and trust the process anyway.

It’s less about who we or others think we are. It’s about remembering and knowing to whom we belong.

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