When Your Pain Turns to Power

You quit giving energy to burdens and start counting your blessings. You see how each obstacle was an opportunity to grow and without trials, triumphs and tests you’d have no testimony.

You stop becoming distracted and disoriented by the hate, falsities, rejections, and judgments the world spews, and begin using them as inspiration because you know that in time every word will be reaped and eaten.

You recognize that there is a revelation in every true and seasonal friendship and absorb the lessons that each person that crossed your path provided you.

You see roles various people play in your life, just where they stand, and who really matters. You become more grateful for each loved one and hold them that much closer to your heart.

Moreover, you have a spirit of graciousness and thankfulness whenever you see that it was pain that refined you and showed you just who you are, who you’re not, and to whom you will always belong.

The storms, trials, and tribulations aren’t allowed with the intent to end you. They are here to equip you if you wake up and let them. Pain is precious, has purpose, and can propel you in the right direction if you learn from it and use it. Let go and grow.

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