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Breaking Free From Fear

Growing up, we, like most children, had the trinity of basic fears: monsters, the dark, and being alone. They were the things that nightmares were made of so we did everything to avoid them. We would come up with reasons as to why our parents should let us sleep in their beds, made sure the bulbs in our night lights were always working, and stayed away from any scary movie or mask that would trigger our fears more. The power we gave our fears caused us to lose sleep, dread the very idea of darkness, and made us paralyzed while we'd lie alone in our beds.As the years went by and life began to lose its wonder, we realized that...

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The Perception and Price of Social Media

Welcome to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Where the posts are petty, the candid photos are posed, and the followers are itching for your life’s entertainment. Social media directs awareness to great causes, aids in keeping us in the loop with family and friends, and brings the most unlikely of people together. It gives us access to news, markets, and the latest trends, but the problem comes when it also gives everyone open access to us. It seems as though these free platforms stand to incur some serious costs. Our means of connecting with the world simultaneously distances us from the people that mean the most to us and our actual selves. We spend so much time and energy trying...

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Loss, Lessons, and Liberation

Grow through what you go throughIn essence, everything makes sense after it’s all said and done. The answers to the test are always painstakingly obvious after it’s been graded and the best course of action always presents itself after you deal with the consequences of the wrong one. You see, in passing and choosing the right answers, you excel to the next level and gain confidence. It is in failing that you learn, remember for the long run, and gain humility. We have all made mistakes, bad decisions, missed opportunities, and fallen short. We've passed judgment, failed, suffered, and found ourselves saying If I knew then what I know now. It’s the could haves and should haves that beat our...

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