The Tears That Taught Me
The Tears That Taught Me
The Tears That Taught Me
The Tears That Taught Me

The Tears That Taught Me

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With unapologetically honest reflections and revelations—Morgan Richard Olivier embraces the tears, trials, and triumphs one experiences when seeking development, direction, and detachment.   

The Tears That Taught Me poetry and prose collection guides readers as they dig through the roots of their struggles, truths, faith, and life lessons.

Through pruning, positioning, and reframing—we are able to blossom as we make peace with our pain and accept the greater purpose of every experience and emotion endured.



Words of empathy that will empower you to embrace your journey.

An understanding that revelation stands greater than reaction when seeking to better position yourself and others.

Writings that inspire and encourage you to dig deeper within yourself and faith.

Feelings of comfort and clarity as you remove relationships, mindsets, and routines that no longer serve you.

A new appreciation of lessons learned and the confidence apply them.

and so much more!

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167 Pages



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5.5 x 0.42 x 8.5 inches



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March 22, 2022


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