Blooming Bare (eBook)
Blooming Bare (eBook)

Blooming Bare (eBook)

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Are you struggling to see the purpose of your pain?

Are you on a journey of healing and growth, but you're struggling to make peace with the past or uncertainty of the future?

Inked within the pages of Blooming Bare, poetry and prose are used to embody the steppingstones of inner work and acceptance while uncovering purpose and the power of perspective.

These writings are the revelations, reflections, and raw conversations with one’s self that are commonly felt yet rarely discussed along the journey of self-love, healing, and growth.

By identifying our brokenness, assessing ourselves fully, and redirecting in an effort to align ourselves with peace and progress - we can embrace our truths, lessons, and journey. It is only after we remove the burdens and discover the depths of our authenticity that we can bloom boldly and unapologetically into the people that we were created to become.


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