Questions, Christ and the Quarter-Life Crisis (E-BOOK)

Questions, Christ and the Quarter-Life Crisis (E-BOOK)

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Are you questioning who you are and what you're doing with your life?

Do you find yourself searching to fill an unexplainable void?

 Welcome to the chapter of life where plans meet problems, contentment seems unattainable, and we begin to question everything we thought we once knew about the world, our plan, and ourselves.

In a testimony of flaws and faith, Morgan Richard Olivier expresses her journey of self-love, personal growth, and the pursuit of purpose through revelations, reflections, and lessons learned. After drowning in the depths of depression, emptiness, and foolishness, she takes the life-changing plunge into self-assessment, mental health, spiritual awakening, and acceptance where she realizes that there is a greater message in her mess and purpose for her pain.



 Testimonies that dive into the depths of personal pains and pressures.

 Lessons that express the importance of redirecting and recovering from unexpected trials and tests.

A greater appreciation for God’s plan and strategy for your life.

 A renewed mindset and passion to pursue purpose.

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206 Pages



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5.5 x 0.52 x 8.5 inches



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May 21, 2020


Lincross Publishing